Name: Hugh Shelton

Age: Ageing Disgracefully

Birthday: In another Century

College: NLP

Lives and works: Oxford, UK

Favorite Book: Tristan Shandy

Favorite Movie: Withnail and I

Coolest Person Ever Met: Count Basie

Favorite Quote: A man can’t have too many ukuleles

My favorite songs

     1.     Take Five by Dave Brubeck

     2.     Why Don’t you Try Me Tonight by Ry Cooder

     3.     Be Bop n Holla by Andy Fairweather Low

My favorite links



Over 2500 focus groups and 3500 face to face shopping interviews over a 20 year period.

Which means there are few qualitative researchers in the world with my breadth and depth of experience

And that is the point of qualitative insight. It's not about being a slave to the discussion guide (though it is still important, rather its about when to follow your gut, when to be tenacious.

I call it

Why? Why? Why?

The first time you get an answer, its usually somewhat glib and not thought through (why should it be otherwise). Ask them why again and the next you make them think about it and you get more.

Then the third time, you really find out.

And that is where Insights come, from truly understanding

I'm an Insight Hunter